Students | Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Certification - Part 30

Balu Ramabhadran

Simple and effective as a primer course.

Khaled Gaber

A very good course for a beginner in the study of six sigma and lean.

George S. Sandag

The presentation is simple, nothing complex for a newbie like me.

Bryan Buckles

It’s a very good introduction to Six Sigma.

Angelica Doyaoen

The lectures are easy to understand and simple. Thanks!

Jeyakumar Palanisamy

Very useful learning on lean six Sigma and it’s importance.

Luis Antonio Carrillo Tovar

Good introductory course, to know some tools used.

Mohammed Muddassir Shah

This was a very good primer to help me understand what Six Sigma is all about.

Lowell Morris

A quick overview of Lean Six Sigma that provides enough information to decide if you want to pursue certification.

David Comfort

Excellent Primer to LSS…. its surely helpful to get some experienced lectures before one embarks to certification…….Good stuff guys and gals…keep up the good work.

Jose Aparecido Oliveira

The instructor comments on the levels and applications of Six Sigma. It could go deeper and bring some details of applications in day to day where levels can be applied.

Amie Chick

Began the course with little knowledge of Six Sigma. My company is implementing Six Sigma and I wanted to get ahead so that I could grow my position. I like the way the instructor gives examples very easy to understand. Great course. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about Six Sigma and to learn how to apply the processes in real life.