Students | Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Certification - Part 4

Alvaro Avila

I am comfortable learning.

Susan Whittaker

The instructor explains very thoroughly the topic.

Sai Prudhvi Voora

I tried linkedin learning for learning this course but i didn’t even understand anything but here I am really happy to tell that I am leaning things.

Surya Sivakumar

As far till now , I was able to understand the concepts which were explained. The examples which the tutor gave, helped me to get a clear idea

Robert Capewell

Detailed & good pace.

Michelle Geyer

So far this course has been easy to follow, and makes challenging concepts easy to digest.

Christopher E. Lawson

Yes, it was a good course.I feel I will certainly be able to use it as a good source to reference as I continue to improve the processes and efficiencies in my operation.

Agniv Chakraborty


Mohit Kumar Sinha1

Clear Understanding.

Mohd Rozman Bin Masuni


Irwan Ismodi Bin Mohd Noor


Parag Auty

Good clarity. More on MPCP will help.