Students | Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Certification - Part 40

Debra Hunt

Excellent explanation of what Six Sigma is and means and how it can help one’s career. Thank you!


Très belle entrée en matière concernant le LEAN 6sigma. Bon questionnement sur les raison pourquoi cela peut s’appliquer à notre réalité.

Shaun Morris

Very easy listening and reinforces my existing knowledge from my accountancy studies.

Oladipo Adeeko

Good Diction. Appropriate Content. Short and precise explanations.

Constance Vassell

The explanations are clear for a new comer

Anthony Egorp

A great course.

David Villaneda

Good info. Gives me a better idea of six sigma.

Shashi Kumar Surthy

Really good course and it gave me more confidence on how to apply tools to different project in an organization. I would recommen this course to everyone who is looking to build their career in IT.

Naveen Kumar

I just passed my IASSC Green Belt exam and I couldn’t have done it without the help of this course. I do not have a statistical background and yet, this course was immensely helpful to understand the basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma. Neil did a great job here. Appreciate it!

Muhammad Rashid Khan

Nice course.

Edda Gavidia

This was a great course for someone such as myself just starting to learn about Six Sigma. The information is easy to understand and follow. thank you.

Jonas Hellsborn

Straightforward narrative
Concise, simple and relevant illustrations (though lacking a style theme)
Understandable accent (important as well!)

(Note: I failed to endure a web course in SS at a local university, they took SS sooo seriously, inventing pseudo-english acronyms, hopeless ppt slides. This is heaven compared to it, and here I don’t even have to apply!)