LeanLean as a production system has helped both manufacturing and service enterprises to enhance value to customers by eliminating wastes in their processes. Reducing inconsistency and unevenness, along with waste elimination forms the 3 pillars of Lean.

This course is part of our series of Quality Courses and will provide you a good overview of lean concept, tools and techniques used.





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What will you learn in this Lean Course?

  • Quality Management
    • Definition & dimensions of Quality
    • Quality Control vs Quality Assurance
    • Small-Q vs Big-Q
    • Evolution of Quality Movement
    • Total Quality Management (TQM) & its Foundation
    • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Lean Systems
    • Definition, Origin, Principles & Goals of Lean
    • Value, Value Stream, Concept of Muda(Waste) & Categories of Waste
    • 7 Types of Wastes, How to Identify them, & Waste Identification Template
    • Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Symbols, Benefits & Procedure
    • Push System, Pull System, Single Piece Flow, 5S, Kaizen, SMED, Poka-Yoke
    • Types of Poka-Yoke – Shut Down, Prevention, Warning, Instructions
    • Heijunka & Visual Control

Features of the Course

  • 2 chapters with 80 mins of self-learning content
  • Interactive audio-visual medium with ample manufacturing and service industry examples
  • Interactive self-assessment quiz for every chapter


30 days access to 2 chapters of online Lean course content (part of our suite of Quality Courses)


30 days access to 2 chapters of online Lean course content is Rs.999 + 18% GST

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