Testimonials | Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Certification

Good material and clear explanations help you understand and apply what you have learned.

Nice course and very well explained.

Being a fresher with Six sigma session training, it is going good as of now with basic understanding on six and sigma and why we call it 6sigma. I hope, I will learn more in coming lectures too. Thanks.

Very informative ,with real life situations.

The course is good, where the instructors pedagogy is wonderful. Well structured course from scratch to good understanding of subject in depth. The example based teaching makes us understand concept where we won’t need any prior experience for learning.

It is absolutely a good match to my expectations and I loved the course. The learnings from the course is definitely going to help to transform the business , which we are in.

Very Good.

Its useful. Tutor clearly described all basics of FMEA.

Concepts very well explained.

Yes. It is a perfect match for people who have domain experience and they want to switch to consulting where they can provide meaningful solutions using python in order to improve the processes.

The training was very informative and educational. learned a lot and gained alot of knowledge

It is good.

Good practical examples and comfortable pace.

Very informative. Loving the course so far. Half way through.