Partner with Six Sigma Certification Course Online

The Opportunity

  • Six Sigma Certification has become a non-negotiable qualification for professionals across private sector. It’s application cuts across industries and roles. In another 5 years, Six Sigma will become a basic qualification like computer literacy.
  • Individuals with Six Sigma Certification earn a significantly higher annual salary than their counterparts.(In fact, the 2011 Annual iSixSigma World-Wide Salary Survey revealed that a Black Belt can earn up to $202,500 per year, with the average being $89,196).

Tap this Opportunity

Given this context, an increasing population of young professionals presents an eminent opportunity to tap. If you are a promoter of the principles of Six Sigma, you can enroll for our affiliate program.
As an affiliate, you can promote our e-learning & personal coaching programs to your existing customers, friends and acquaintances. By doing so, you act as a catalyst and positively touch the professional lives of several young professionals.

In return, you will receive a liberal affiliate fee for every registration to any of our programs. All you have to do is to reach out to your network and elaborate the benefits of a Six Sigma qualification.

Am I eligible?

  • An innate desire to touch the lives of professionals such as your clients, customers, friends and co-workers
  • Excellent networking skills
  • Association with industries
  • Current business interests in recruitment, training & development of professionals, event management

How does affiliate program work?

You will create and nurture relationships with accounts and retail clients. For every new registration to any our courses, you will receive a referral fee.  Please contact us for more details.

What next?

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