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Why Six Sigma?

Understand why Six Sigma is better than other approaches. Learn about 3 salient features of Six Sigma - Customer Centricity, Process Orientation, Fact Based Decision Making

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Project - A beginner's guide that contains 6 resources with detailed steps to complete DMAIC project.

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Both DFMEA and PFMEA have similar principles and follow identical steps. Both involve identifying potential failures, their impact, and corrective measures to be taken for reducing or eliminating these potential failures. However, DFMEA and PFMEA differ in a few aspects, such as their focus and the stage in which these two analyses are done. DFMEA […]

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What is Y-Shaped Matrix Diagram?

The Y-shaped matrix is a matrix diagram that relates three sets of elements where one set is related to the other two sets in a circular manner. . It can be formed by bending the columns of sets A and B in the T-matrix in such a way that there is an interrelation between the […]

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Different types of Matrix Diagrams

Matrix diagrams can be sorted into several types depending on the number of data sets being compared. L-shaped Relates two sets of elements to one another or a single set of elements to itself. T-shaped Relates three sets of elements where there is no relation between the two sets that are related to a common […]

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What are Matrix Diagrams?

A matrix diagram, also called a matrix chart, is a management and planning tool used for identifying relationships between two to four groups of elements or among elements in a single group. The elements in different groups are placed in rows and columns and relationships among them are analyzed by the team. Symbols indicating the […]

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