Himadri Pandey

Very short and concise course, but effective one especially in terms of explaining things to clarity. Returning 7 years later back to quality and took this course – absolutely good refresher. Thanks!

Himadri Pandey

Great primer !

Chandan A J

Excellent lecture so far.

Susan Opferman

Good basic overview of Lean + Six Sigma.

Ojo Oluwasanmi

I now have a better understanding of Lean Six Sigma.

Ofelia Mendes

Six sigma has been easily demystified.

Judy Goff

Very good introduction to concept.

Allen Orencio

It made me understand the concept of 6 sigma better.

Aayush Bohra

The course is good and very brief which make Lean six sigma easy to understand.

Shubham Mishra

Yes it is better match for beginner and enlightenment towards the scope of six sigma over an organisation ,analytical personality should do this course basic but best fundamental course for the beginner.Everyone should do this.

Billy Peters

Learned a lot about the foundations of six sigma.

Catherine Anne De Jesus

Very informative introduction, concise and sets the students’ expectation.