Kjell Inge Vatshaug

Relevant. Good examples. A very good tool that I partly knew already, but the insight here will considerably excel my efficiency.

Fernando Gomes do Rosario

Very interesting and easy to understand.

Paul Jebaraj

Best course content and instructor.

Alhousseyni Sow


Sathvika Viswanathan

Overall, the lectures provided a deep insight into the applications of Six sigma and Lean Six sigma. I was able to draw the lectures effectively towards my academic pursuits.

Rufus Okomhanru

Very good and sound illustrations. Straight to the point and very practical. thank you for this.



Morgan Nweke

Awesome knowledge and presentation.

Mirza Hyder Baig

The course fills the purpose of what it promised in the beginning.

Mahmoud Mostafa Mohamed Ramadan


Jagpal Singh

Nice explanation.

Deepa Shree

Good to understand what we will actually learn in six sigma further.