Sayan Pal

Till now it sounds really relevant. Looking forward to next lecture.

Serapion L. Bueno Jr

While I have learned most of the concepts… but the broadening of my horizon particularly in the application of these concepts in real life cases or scenarios helped me see things in a different vantage point and lead to appreciate the knowledge i learned here and in the past.

Nishant Tyagi

Nice. Simple way to explain.

Ugochi Opara

Very good Introduction to Six Sigma. It helped me understand the difference between Six Sigma and Data Analysis. I am better aware now as i used to think that Six Sigma was applicable to every and any problem. In all, it’s been time well spent.

Sikandar Khan

Very informative course easy to understand.

Shrish Nagraj

Its Great

Serapion L. Bueno Jr

Very well-rounded but concise and balanced overview of lean six sigma.


Nice and well.

Ronald Gombya

Content is delivered really well.

Rajat Vidhate

It’s really good.

Pierre Destin Foryoung

Direct and concise, clear explanations.

Obaid Bilgarami

The course was insightful. I gained considerable knowledge of six sigma. However, if the tools could be briefly explained, it would be greater to an extent of deciding to go for certification course.