I Nyoman Setia Dharma

Very Good.

Vasudev Singh Charan

Its useful. Tutor clearly described all basics of FMEA.

Andres Gonzalez Jimenez

Concepts very well explained.


Yes. It is a perfect match for people who have domain experience and they want to switch to consulting where they can provide meaningful solutions using python in order to improve the processes.

Tanya Phokwane

The training was very informative and educational. learned a lot and gained alot of knowledge

Rajkumar Kodeti

It is good.

Pratik Aich

Good practical examples and comfortable pace.

Otis D. Hopson

Very informative. Loving the course so far. Half way through.

Kommuri Raju

It’s really a great learning experience.Must take this course for learning.


Yes ! It helps to understand the process.

Jojy Thomas

So far so good.

Emmanuel Martin J

It is indeed a greater learning experience.