Students | Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma Certification - Part 6

Jeevanandham M

Helpful Course.

Harsh Mehta

Good explanation of what six sigma is and its history.

Grayson Barber

A helpful course to gain an understanding for Lean Six Sigma.


It’s very informative and knowledgeable & It is very helpful.

Agha Muzahir Hussain

Nice course for beginners.

Zamirul Khan

It is really helpful for any process to avoid pain area.

Saurabh Kumar Srivastava

Amazing experience. In depth knowledge.

Jerry Crabtree

Yes this course is a great match for me with the limited time needed to get the most out of it.


Yes its a good course . explanations were also good except the sigma part.

Stephenson Agbobli

The concept of Six Sigma is well explained.

Satish Gaur

It’s completely new experience.


Yes it is very interesting so far; with real time examples.