How to Gather Customer Data through a questionnaire?

How to Gather Customer Data through a questionnaire?

Let us learn how to gather customer data. A well-defined goals are the best way to assure a good questionnaire design. When the goals of a study can be expressed in a few clear and concise sentences, the design of the questionnaire becomes considerably easier.

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To effectively conduct a customer survey through a questionnaire, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep your questionnaire short because long questionnaires get fewer responses when compared to short questionnaires.
  • Include experts and relevant decision makers in the questionnaire design process.
  • Formulate a plan for doing the statistical analysis during the design stage of the project.
  • Questionnaires reflect first impressions. The respondents first impressions come from the cover letter. Provide a well-written cover letter.
  • Give your questionnaire a title that is short and meaningful to the respondents.
  • Include clear and concise instructions on how to complete the questionnaire. 
  • Use short sentences and basic vocabulary.
  • Begin with a few interesting items. If the first items are too boring, there is little chance that the questionnaire will be completed.
  • Use simple and direct language in the questions so they are clearly understood by the respondents.
  • Leave adequate space for respondents to make comments. One criticism of questionnaires is their inability to retain the connotation of responses.
  • Place the most important items in the first half of the questionnaire.  
  • Hold the respondents’ interest. One way to keep a questionnaire interesting is to use a variety of questions.
  • Provide incentives as a motivation for a properly completed questionnaire.
  • Make it convenient. The easier the questionnaire, the better the response.
  • Use professional production methods for the questionnaire, such as desktop publishing.
  • The final test of a questionnaire is to try it on representatives of the target audience to identify any problem areas.
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