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Businesses thrive by growth. Leaders are expected to find innovative  ways to propel the organization in the new direction and to make that  growth vision a reality. In this game, most of us take for granted, the  fact that the processes we own need our attention. I’m not joking. Smart  managers are compelled to delegate […]

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Clearing the Management Cache

Most conventional organizations comprise departments and functions. A department head or functional head is responsible for all department deliverables. All department members should have clearly defined responsibilities for their respective tasks. Departmental tasks are expected to be performed on time and with quality.

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Challenges with Functional Boundaries and need for cross-functional processes

A Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a strategic performance management framework for measuring the impact of strategic decisions across all organizational drivers of an organization. A BSC provides a wider perspective on strategic decisions made by an organization by measuring the impact on key business drivers such as finance, customer requirements, internal processes, innovation, and growth […]

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What is Balanced Scorecard?